Invite us to your event from your calendar client.

Use CREATE@CALENDERSNACK.COM in your Calendar. We send the Calendarsnack back to you in 10 Seconds to your email address.

One Click RSVP’S

The design goal was a One-Click RSVP Button for a customer in an email marketing template. Customer Clicks the RSVP Button in the Mailchimp Email and gets a Calendar Invite.

We then took the One-Click RSVP Idea to the Landing Page and an automated modal creation. A customer inserts a email address and clicks a button and gets a Calendar Invitation.

Along the way, we developed an Upcoming Landing page that automates all your events for a One-Click RSVP experience for Multiple Events. All future events are streamed here to your own personalized CalendarLander.

We then provide tracking of the Calendar Receipts in a reporting console for the Single Events and All Events.

Included is the ability to cancel the calendarsnack off of your calendar. We then send a notification to anyone who has signed up (Said Yes or Maybe) that the event has been canceled.

Soon we will be releasing an UPDATE feature that will allow you to change the Calendar Invitation on your Calendar Client and we will send out the updates to anyone that signed Up ( Said Yes or Maybe) created with the CalendarSnack service.